Must see when sailing out of/back to Lavrio

Cape Sounion‘s Temple of Poseidon will amaze you! Built in 440-400 BC, this UNESCO monument offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.  Spending the night under the lighted ruins of the Temple will be a highlight of your Sailing Holidays out of Lavrio. We recommend spending your last night there enjoying a wonderful dinner on your boat using up your last provisions.

Close by there are many beautiful public or organized beaches , such as Asimakis Beach that will offer you a dip in the sea and a rest from your flight before you begin your Sailing Holiday. This is a good choice if you are traveling with children.

You can also go an visit the Center of Athens and all its most renowned sites. From our base, in Olympic Marine, Acropolis is less than an hour taxi-trip. We can arrange a driver, with a car or a mini van to take you and your beloved ones, on a tour of Athens. Ask us about this.

Suggested sailing routes out of Lavrio

White Blue Seas skippers have made a few suggestions, for your sailing routes with a departure from Lavrio. These are just a few ideas, favorable weather permitting. Every White Blue Seas yacht has a Greek Water Pilot onboard to help you plan your sailing route and to give you precious information on your approach to the islands. It would be our pleasure to assist you and your beloved crew in planning together your sailing holidays.

The Cyclades

Kea, the closest island to Lavrio is just fifteen miles from away. The approach is safe from almost all areas except Koundouros; there is a reef sometimes not visible, keep a good eye on your chart. Korissia, the island’s main port has few spots for yachts; your best bet is Vourkari. You can always anchor off in the large bay, the holding is very good.

The Mikonos route: after Kea you can sail towards Tinos, the island with the most churches, about 30 miles. Then sail to magical, mystical Mykonos, 25 miles.

When in Mykonos make sure that you give our regards to Petros the island’s mascot! We want to see your pictures with him. (Photo from 1955)

Then a short 15 miles sail to Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, the most Catholic island of Greece. Syros offers the best sunset in the Cyclades after Santorini, take a taxi to the top northwest tip of the island; you will find the best taverna in the Cyclades! Then sail to Loutra on Kythnos, 32 miles. The next day, you might want to start early to enjoy a swim in the amazing bay of Kolona, 10 miles away around the top north tip of the island.

Then sail the last 15 miles to Cape Sounion to enjoy your last night at anchor. Lavrio Marina it is a quick sail around the bay. The return to the marina is easy and usually uneventful; we will be waiting to greet you.

The Milos route: After Kea, you can sail to Kythnos, 15 miles away; enjoy the magical Kolona Bay for lunch. After lunch and a swim sail just three miles to the port of Merikha for the night. The next day sail to Serifos, 25 miles, where you will experience the real feel of the Cyclades with white small square houses. Then Milos, 30 miles, it’s worth it to spend two nights here! This area offers truly the most amazing pictures you’ll take!!!

After Milos, sail 25 miles to Sifnos to take in the last of the typical Cyclades village on your Sailing Holiday.

The next day enjoy a long sail to Cape Sounion, 50 miles. Make sure that you have enough provisions for lunch and dinner. Lavrio Marine is a quick sail around the bay. The return to the marina is easy and usually uneventful; we will be waiting to greet you.


The Saronic Gulf Route

The Saronic Gulf offers lush green scenery.

The first night you might choose to spend it at anchor, in the bay of Cape Sounion, just 5 miles away. It’s truly magical! It’s easy to visit the Temple of Poseidon using your dingy. You can also enjoy a swim off the boat or practice your skill on the paddle, the water is pristine. Your Sailing Holiday has started! The next day you might want to make an early for a long sail to Aegina. Aegina offers many safe bays and two main ports, about 28/32 miles. It’s the world capital for pistachio; make sure you take some home.

You can visit a Pistachios farm if you like.

From Aegina you can sail 15 miles to Palaia Epidhavro and visit the most spectacular ancient theater. It’s an easy berthing place and Poseidon is one of the best taverna in the region.

The next day you can sail on to the mystical island of Hydra, 33 miles. Try to arrive as early as possible in order to find a berthing place in its small port. There are no cars on Hydra, only donkeys and small horses.

Only 15 miles away from Hydra, you will arrive on the island of Spetses. It’s worth it to rent an electric bicycle and tour the island!

Now you can head towards Poros, the most cosmopolitan Island in the Saronic Gulf.  It is a 30 miles sail giving you time to stop for lunch at the wonderful swimming spot of Soupia. Poros offers a wide range of tavernas, night life and shopping.  The berthing is pretty easy and plentiful unless you are there on Saturday or Thursday evening.

By now you fell in love with Greek Cuisine, you might want to participate in a cooking class on Poros with Katerina. It’s great fun, you get to enjoy the diner you prepared! What an original souvenir to take home with you!

Weather and general information

A word on the weather is required for your Sailing Holiday in Greece, especially sailing during the summer in the Cyclades. Greece can have the Meltemi, Etesian, wind blowing 4 to 6 Beaufort. However, sometimes it does blow 7 to 8 Beaufort. For experienced sailors this means a real good challenge and fast sail. For more relaxed or beginner sailors over 6 Beaufort, is best avoided. The Meltemi provides a steady dry North wind.  Always look at the weather on a three and seven day forecast.  Poseidon System is Greece’s official sea weather forecast; we recommend that you use it along with your other favorite usual weather app.

Your charter ends on Saturday morning at 9 am. However, you must return the yacht to the base before 5 pm on Friday, in order to do the checkout procedure of the yacht. Once the checkout is finished, you can enjoy your boat and sleep in, disembarkation is Saturday 9 am. Olympic Marine has full marina facilities, showers, etc. and a few restaurants.


Ask us about our yachts available out of our new base in Lavrio.